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Fearless Witness

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In October of last year, a young woman in India lost the race to save her life. This month’s issue of the scientific journal Nature recounts the story of Uditi Saraf of New Delhi, who suffered from a rare genetic mutation that caused the neurons in her brain to die. The disorder began to assert itself in her teens, producing seizures and dementia-like cognitive symptoms. She was diagnosed with FENIB, and the race began to find something that could halt or reverse the disease. The most promising approach involved gene editing with CRISPR technology, and her family had the resources to fund a team to study how to use it for Uditi. Meanwhile, her condition continued to decline, and she ultimately fell into a coma and died. The family, and even the researchers, were crushed by the news, but Uditi’s team made discoveries that will help other patients with rare genetic disorders.

Today’s text recounts Paul’s trial before King Agrippa on various accusations made by the religious leaders of Jerusalem. Paul argues that he’s guilty only of believing in the very thing his accusers claim they long to find: the hope of Israel and the fulfillment of the promises made to their ancestors. Agrippa would not be persuaded to accept Paul’s message, but Paul’s courageous witness carried the gospel message far and wide.


  • What are your thoughts about medical techniques that seek to make revisions at the genetic level? 
  • When has hope sustained you in difficulty or crisis? 
  • How does hope in your future resurrection give you courage?

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