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Continual Proclamation

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Since the mid-twentieth century, lifestyles in the United States have changed. Geographical separation is a reality for many families. Loneliness is said to be at epidemic levels for young and old. Last year the Surgeon General of the US published an advisory on loneliness and isolation, citing its effects on mental and physical health. A particular organization has been in the news for its creative response. ONEGeneration is an intergenerational daycare in Van Nuys, California—care for the elderly and the young together. “For the seniors,” says one of its leaders, “even those living with dementia, it improves social skills, combats ageism, and gives them a sense of purpose, while the kids are able to learn empathy and patience.” Continuity of generations is just one by-product of collective activities: music, painting, cooking, and gardening. This narrows the gap created when multigenerational families stopped living under one roof.

In Psalm 71, the writer declares the wonders and marvelous deeds of God’s righteousness. He makes a commitment to declare God’s promises, even when he’s “old and gray,” and he will teach the next generation all that God has shown him.


  • When have you had opportunity to praise God before others?
  • What are some ways you can encourage other generations?
  • What are some reasons that people don’t spend as much time with grandparents and great-grandparents as in the past?

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